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Segway Polo in Oakland's Estuary Park. Call Steve at 510-414-8429. We don't play in off-season and next season we're busy working on Segway tours. So call Steve and see what's happening. We have a Segway polo team called "The Junk yard Dogs".

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Hypermodern Cooking with the Volcano Vaporizer

Segways Set to Roll on Angel Island

Segway Riders Upgrade To New I2s Through Trade-In Program

Fast, Free Software Upgrades Available at Segway of Oakland  Segway of Oakland is offering free, speedy software upgrades that resolve the re-call issue.

Public Invited to free Segway Polo Demonstration Public Invited to Free Segway Polo Demonstration Sept. 17; New Segway Models will be Unveiled.  Segway of Oakland’s Segway Polo team will compete against this year’s co-world champions Sept. 17 in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park polo fields at the 22nd annual Polo in the Park festival.

Segway of Oakland Named Top Dealer in Northwestern Region Segway of Oakland Named Top Dealer in Northwestern Region. A veteran sales and rental dealership, Segway of Oakland, picked up one of 12 worldwide awards handed out in July by the parent company, Segway, LLC, for outstanding achievement and top sales in the company’s Northwestern Region, which stretches from the middle of Los Angeles up the Pacific coast to Alaska.


New Motorized Longboards Reflect Industry’s Rapid Growth

Customized Segway Takes First Place in Annual Cow Palace Exhibit – Electric Vehicle 'Fancy Pants' One of Only a Handful… for Now

Exkate Proves Legitimacy with Remote-Control Patent

Segway of Oakland offers custom key maker - A Must-Have for Dealerships

Slide4less, LLC Digs Deep for Best Price on Best Powerboards

No More Broken Kickstands - Segway of Oakland Offers Unbreakable Kickstand

Slide4less Predicts Leap in Powerboard Market

Segway of Oakland releases customized 'HEAVY HAULER' Model

Segway of Oakland releases customized 'EMT' Model

Segway of Oakland releases customized 'OT' Model

Ticket Brokering is (still) a Booming Business on the 'Net


E-Glide goes Fully Tethered with custom Decks

Gravity Fest athletes ready for a downhill battle

Gravity Fest Extreme Athletes Will Tear it Up at San Francisco’s McClaren Park Sept. 24-26

Segway HT available 'rent-to-own'

Ski Bum's Guide Tell all Book about 'sliding' for 'free'