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Ski Shows (and other places) Where You can Get 

Free Lift Tickets + other Ski/Snowboard Deals:

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Did you know that one of the best ways to get cheap lift tickets is to get give-away's at pre-season ski shows, swaps, and movies?

Ski/ snow / snowboard and skate shows are the best bet for free lift ticket vouchers. The vouchers are not really free, as you must pay to go into the show. But, shows are usually around $10-$15, and the shows have a lot of other attractions including resort and manufacturer exhibits, and discount equipment from local retailers. 

At a lot of shows and movies, it's worth it to go just to get the lift tickets. Further, there are a lot of shows where they don't really care if you buy more than one ticket. Or, you might be able to go in a few times, all in an effort to collect a few lift tickets.

But, it's worth it, even if you can just get one, and even though the vouchers are usually limited season tickets, only good in early and/or late season. When you figure that a full priced ticket costs $50 or more, collecting some vouchers in October and November at the ski shows and movies works pretty good. 

Also look for lift ticket giveaways and discounts from Sportings Goods Retailers. Sportings Goods Stores across the country make available discount lift tickets, and they often run promotions that include vouchers for lift tickets.

Ski Shows with Lift Tickets and Lift Ticket Discounts (Shows held in October and November before the season):  


Other Ski Show Resources:

SnowSports Industries America (SIA)
U.S. trade association for ski, snowboard and snowshoe product manufacturers and suppliers. Produces the annual SIA Snow Sports Show in Las Vegas, a trade show for snow sports retailers.

UK Ski Shows 


Warren Miller Promo's:

Warren Miller Entertainment has been producing a beginning of the season ski/snowboard movie that features skiers and snowboarders on extreme backcountry steeps for many years. Warren Miller's annual film is shown in the fall at smaller theaters, schools, and community centers around the world. At several of the films, free lift tickets or vouchers for discount lift tickets are given out. Click Here for more info. 


Another ski movie company that runs a tour accross the US at the beginning of the season. Free lift tickets and discounts at some locations. Check out


Another ski movie tour. Free stuff and discounts at many of the locations.


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