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Lithium ion Battery Kit

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The most recent series of Segway batteries has not been as reliable as past series so we have been using the rebuilt batteries as well as new batteries and have found that the rebuilt batteries have greater capacity than the new batteries. So, you can go farther with the rebuilts than with new. We now give a one year warranty on rebuilt batteries.

. We do not always have the rebuilds or the new or the used in stock. We will try to keep this site updated for batteries. So check here to see what is available.

The Segway Battery is expensive so we try to come up with cheaper options for customers. Keep in mind that in some cases we can charge or regen a battery with our offboard charger. So rather than buy a new battery, you may want to start by trying a regen. Call 510-832-2429.

Original Segway Batteries are more reliable than rebuilds or other options. We offer new batteries as well as used batteries. These used batteries are in varying condition. The cheapest ones we will often sell at $350 and these batteries are still guaranteed for 3 months. These are used batteries that are several years old that still test over 80%. These are for a Segway that you use very infrequently or just want to get going. If you use it every day, you want the other options.

The more expensive used batteries test at 100% and have a warranty. The cheap ones have a 3 month warranty. Works on SE, i2, X2, i180, i170, i167, and XT.

We do not currently have any Nickel Metal Batteries but check back. We will soon be rebuilding the Nickel Metal Batteries as well. The Nickel Metals do not have the same range but they are better for airline travel as some airlines will not allow the lithiums.

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