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Segway PT i2 Lower Cargo Frame Kit


The i2 lower cargo frames are needed to install side bags. They also make it easier to pick up they Segway PT and can be used to install side racks and other accessories as well.

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segway i2 lower cargo frame.jpg

Additional Info

Product Description

Made of non-corrosive aluminum tubing with a weather-resistant powder-coated finish, this cargo frame gives you the leverage needed to lift and move a Segway PT with ease. Once installed, it accommodates lighting, cargo, or anything else you need to bring along on your ride.

Compatible with:
i2, i2 SE, i2 Patroller

NOT Compatible with:
x2, x2 SE, x2 Patroller, i167, p133, e167, i170, i180, XT, GT

Kit Includes:
2 Segway i2 Lower Cargo Frames with installation hardware
Instruction Manual