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Segway PT miniPro (Black)


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Live hands-free on this UL 2272 certified self-balancing scooter from the world’s leading brand of electric personal transportation. With its unique knee control bar the miniPRO allows you more interaction with your environment than any other two wheel ride.




UL 2272 Certified

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth remote control and firmware upgrades via Ninebot App

Compact for Easy Storage

Quickly remove the knee control bar for easy storage in almost any vehicle



~28 lbs (~13 kg)


10” x 22” (26 cm x 55 cm)

Max Speed

10 mph (16 km/h)

*Depends on riding style and terrain

~14 miles (25 km)

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miniPRO Videos

Check out this video for a quick look at the miniPRO’s specs.

Learn more about all the miniPRO’s unique features, including its app and remote control capability.

The miniPRO’s safety video has got something for everyone.

The miniPRO features a powerful, UL-certified lithium-ion battery that allows riders to travel up to 14 miles on a single charge and reach top speeds of 10 mph. It can also take on slopes up to 15-degree and accommodate riders up to 220 lbs.


The miniPRO's innovative design allows the rider to maneuver easily and precisely. Steer by gently pressing left or right on the miniPRO’s knee control bar, which can be adjusted to accommodate each individual rider.


Use the app to unlock the short riding tutorial, customize light colors, modify safety features, operate the miniPRO via remote control and more. Most importantly, use the app to lock the miniPRO with a tamper-proof anti-theft alarm that triggers a phone warning if anyone attempts to move it.

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Product Description

Look forward to each new exciting riding experience!

There’s a new form of transportation…What are you waiting for? Step on a Segway miniPRO and feel the speed and magic of the latest technology! This amazing device automatically keeps you balanced and reads your movements. Want to go forward? Lean forward. The high-performance, cutting-edge control technology works in tandem with various sensors and advanced processors for maximum flexibility and ease of use. The miniPro can also be remotely controlled on your phone using Bluetooth!

This lightweight and portable vehicle strives for amazing performance and reaches a max speed of 12 mph! Not only is it up to four times faster than walking, the miniPRO is also super stable due to its dynamic balance function.

The miniPRO can cope easily with all normal road conditions. Go wherever, whenever. Explore the wonder of the Segway miniPRO and look for new adventures!

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