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Very Low miles Segway SE-3 Patroller. This is the 3 wheeled unit. It is a stand up scooter that has tremendous handling. Electric. Designed for patrol use.

The SE-3 is similar to a T3-motion tactical scooter but it is more robust with heavier duty construction throughout. The Segway Lithium batteries have better performance than a T-3.

It can do 25 mph and has stabilized turning so you can't really even turn it over if you make a really hard turn. It also has super intensive breaking and can even take an extra passenger in a pinch.

The SE-3 is the premier 3 wheel patrol vehicle. We have them retail and there are discounts for larger orders. Call us today at 1-888-8SEGWAY

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New Segway PT SE-3 Patroller.jpg

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Product Description

The SE-3 Patroller is an ideal match for missions that require a larger vehicle, which displays a more visible and obvious security presence, or that require a rider to frequently mount and dismount the vehicle during a patrol.

Call us today 1-888-873-4929 for pricing and more information! SE-3 Patroller demos and financing are available.