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We have a large inventory of Segway PT i2's in stock. We can rebuild the units with major parts replaced where needed so that we can give you a 60 day money back guarantee on every used unit we sell! Not even new units have a money back guarantee.

These units are higher mileage, but they have tons of miles left!.

We have seen Segway's from malls and airports with more than 50,000 miles. A Segway is a commercial grade vehicle and it is designed for daily use. They run very economically, and the platform (chassis) itself has no moving parts and is completely solid state. These units have between 5,000 and 10,000 miles, but they are rebuilt, with major wearable parts like tires and gearboxes replaced where needed.

As long as the Segway PT platform remains sealed, it can last a long time. The problem is that the batteries don't last forever and they are expensive. One new battery can retail for about a thousand dollars.

Further the tires wear, and if the weight limit is exceeded, the gearboxes can wear and a gearbox is about $500. So, if you have to replace tires, gearboxes and batteries, then that could easily be over $3,000 which is slightly more than half the cost of a new unit by itself.

On our standard rebuilt used units the platform has higher miles, but the tires are new. Gearboxes have been replaced if they have wear from a heavy rider. The standard batteries are not originals, and they are not new,  but they test 100%. So, we can guarantee that the unit will run. Further, these units have many miles left because some basic parts have been replaced. None of the have original batteries.

You can also opt to get a used unit with new batteries. This way you have a unit that has the warranty on the batteries.

Our office is also a Segway Dealer so we can make sure that your unit is registered to you and we can provide you with a registration card from Segway Inc. after we register it in your name.

One of the biggest problems with buying a used Segway is that you don't know if the unit was stolen. With our units and procedure not only do you have a money back guarantee, but we also provide you with the registration procedure so you can see the unit is not stolen and is in your name.

That is a major difference when you buy a Segway PT on Segway Junkyard instead of from ebay, amazon other sources. None of our units are stolen and we can give you the assurance you get all original equipment. Call us today at 1-888-8SEGWAY and talk to us now about your Segway PT.

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This is a one of a kind Chrome colored (polished aluminum) and Black Segway i2 in slightly used condition with Lithium Ion Batteries, Custom Rims and shipping case. The Lithium Ion batteries will hold a charge for a range of 24 miles or about 6 hours. They charge with an AC 120/220 standard PC cord. We make the best custom Segways on the market. For a truly unique green machine, nothing comes close to one of our Segway i2’s. The Segway comes with an info key, which can tell you information about your Segway and is used to change settings for the Segway. The Segway has a top speed of 12.5 miles an hour. All custom units are handmade and custom made to order. If you would like a specific design or color please call for more information. We can make pretty much anything you can think up! These are awesome rims that get all who see them to stop and take a second look! This customized Segway i2 features a custom polished aluminum handle bar shaft. It is also equipped with cutom WTB handlebar grips for extra comfort These parts are also available separately. This Segway also features the comfort mats which help to create less strain on the knees while riding. The traveling case is a custom reusable lockable traveling case with wheels and handles built in, an added value of 500 dollars. Call for more information on these custom parts 888-8SEGWAY. The Segway i2 has no brakes, no accelerator and no steering wheel but it can stop on a dime, and accelerate with quickness. This Segway has the latest lean steer technology, which allows you to steer by tilting the handlebars left and right, which in turn, steers you left and right. Leaning forwards and backwards accelerates you and helps you stop. With lean steer technology you feel like you’re skiing (except there’s no lift line or chairlift). This unit has been looked over by Segway trained technicians. We are a member of the Bay Area Segway Family, Segway of Oakland, Segway Junkyard and We are the oldest and largest Segway dealer in the Bay Area. Segway of Oakland is an Authorized Segway dealer, so you can purchase with confidence.

New, Used and Custom parts available. Check them out!

Nothing comes close to the uniqueness of one of our custom i2 Segways.

A Segway gives you an endless ride that is tons of fun! This is the most unique alternative fuel vehicle ever made. Ultra efficient.

Call us today @ 888-8SEGWAY

We have almost every Segway model ever made, in stock.