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Used Segway i series Gen 1 Segway

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We rebuild Gen 1 Segways. These were the original. They have really high quality parts. With it's twist grip stearing some people find that this unit is easier to control that the leansteer Segway PT.

These were the highest quality Segways ever made. They can run for thousands of miles.

The original Segway i series was the i167. Then came the i170 and i180 but they are essentially the same as the i167 and most parts are interchangeable.

We can build you a basic i series Gen 1 Segway and we can give you a 60 day money back guarantee that the unit will run.

Segway Junkyard is the leading seller of used Segway PT's but you can call us for new units as well. These Gen 1 units have not been made in a long time. And, they have unique steering which is great for many applications. Some find it more stable. It other situations they are used at expos because they are very maneuverable indoors.

Like the Gen 1 Segway these Segways have batteries that test at 100% and new tires. These are higher mileage units but have rebuilt/replaced parts where needed. That is how we can give you a 60 day money back guarantee.

If you want to get around on a Segway, and you want to be sure that you get a working unit that is not stolen, then the Segway Gen 1 may be right for you. Call us at 1-888-8SEGWAY.

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Used Segway i series Gen 1 Segway.jpg

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Product Description

The original Gen 1 Segway turned with a twist grip instead of the lean steer steering. The twist grip design was popular for many situations, even though the lean steer is now preferred by the vast majority of the market, and this is the only style that Segway now sells.

The Gen 1 Segway had a stationary handlebar, and many people find this design better for various type of applications. For some people the Gen1 is easier to ride. It also maneuvers well indoors. A lot of advertisers that use Segways like the Gen 1 because the handlebar is stationary and it’s easier to hang signs and maneuver the unit though crowds.

We have a limited number of original i series Segways and they’ve all been gone over by our certified technicians. You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for one of the original units. We’re the only service center that still works on these units. They have been professionally maintained. This is your chance for an incredible deal on a Segway.

The units are out of warranty but we give you a 60 day money back guarantee, so you can be confident in your purchase. There will be a 10% restocking fee for any returns.We’ve upgraded and replace anything that doesn’t work, so these units have good tires, no damage or dents, good batteries etc. Gone over by Segway certified technicians. This is a rental unit but it’s been maintained by and it’s in great working shape, with only minor cosmetic superficialities. This is a Gen 2 machine with lean steer technology, and everything is included. Charge cord, two keys, fully charged 100% batteries, and good high grade tires and wheels. Everything is included and these units are 100% complete.These batteries will hold a charge for a range of 24 miles or about 6 hours. The Segway comes with its info key, which can tell you information about your Segway and change settings for the Segway. This info key uses blue tooth wireless technology to control everything remotely. So there are no moving internal parts, except the gearboxes, motors, and lean steer. It’s completely solid state internally.

The Segway has a top speed of 12.5 miles an hour. It unit has excellent super high tech lithium gel batteries, good tire tread, and only minor wear and tear scratches on the handlebars and fenders.

The Segway has no brakes, no accelerator and no steering wheel but it can stop on a dime. It is completely controlled by body movement. You lean forward, it goes forward. Lean back, and it goes back.

The Segway has the latest lean steer technology, which allows you to steer by tilting the handlebars left and right, which in turn, steers you left and right. Leaning forwards and backwards accelerates you and helps you stop. With lean steer technology you feel like you’re skiing (except there’s no lift line or chairlift).

This unit has been looked over carefully by Segway trained technicians. We are a member of the Bay Area Segway family, Segway of Oakland, Segway Junkyard and We are the oldest and largest Segway dealer in the area. Segway of Oakland is an Authorized Segway dealer, so you can purchase with confidence. New, Used and Custom parts available. Check them out!

The Segway gives you an endless ride that’s tons of fun!   Call us today @ 888-8SEGWAY!   We have almost every Segway model ever made, in stock. Call us about new units.

Out of Warranty but we 60 day money back guarantee so you can be confident with your purchase.

Hurry! This incredible deal won’t last for long.

**IMPORTANT CONSUMER MESSAGE**Don’t get scammed! Check the serial number first.Each Segway® PT carries with it a unique serial number. Segway uses this to keep careful track of who is registered as a current owner. It helps them to provide their customers with the appropriate warranty service when it’s needed. It’s also an identifier that you can use to ensure the unit you’re purchasing is not registered as stolen and, if advertised as new, is actually new with a full warranty.Here are some steps you can take to ensure that your investment in a Segway PT is a good one:¨1.) Purchase from an Authorized Segway Dealer. They’re able to provide you with product, and a level of training and service that we support.¨2.) If buying a PT from any other source, always obtain the serial number of the unit you intend to purchase so you can allow us to help verify important facts you are being told about the product. This is especially important if it’s a used unit that you’re purchasing online.€¨3.) Always ask for the odometer mileage (if applicable) so if you purchase, you can verify you have received the same product as represented.€¨4.) Give us a call and ask about that serial number. With that, we are happy to tell you the following:

if the serial number is a legitimate number

if the type of unit being advertised matches how it was manufactured

if that serial number has been reported to us as being stolen

if that serial number is still covered under any remaining warranty

the year of manufacture

There is no charge for this service! Just send an e-mail and they will get back to you Monday through Friday within 24-48 hours.¨The phone number is 888-8SEGWAY. If the seller is not willing to provide you with the serial number it should immediately raise a red flag about possible fraud. Payment. We accept the following forms of payment. PayPal, All Major Credit Cards, Checks, Wire Transfer. All funds must clear before any merchandise is shipped. Please be aware that checks generally take a bit longer to clear.

We have tons of units in stock. Call us now to check serial numbers and what we have available. 888-8SEGWAY

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